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  1. Study abroad in the USA

    USA - Study Abroad in the USA for an English Immersion

    Country Guide

    With so many options for great locations to study abroad in the USA this makes the ideal country for an English immersion program. Lively cities, great scenery and tons to see and do mean language travel students will never get bored in the USA!

    Study Abroad in the USA and Experience a Land of Opportunity!

    Study abroad in the USAThe USA has often been referred to as a ‘Land of Opportunity’ throughout its history, and for language travel students looking to study English abroad, the USA certainly offers you plenty of opportunities too! There are dozens of great cities right across the USA, yet there’s also spectacular scenery too. Study abroad in the USA and it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored!

    Where is the USA?

    The USA is in the central part of the North American continent. To the south is Mexico and to the north is Canada. The USA spans from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and has a huge diversity of people and places in between. The USA is the third largest country in the world and has the third largest population in the world at over 305 million.

    The Tourist Attractions of the USA

    Where do we start?! The USA has everything – popular cities like the capital, Washington, plus New York, Miami, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but those are just a few! Each city has its own individual personality so if you’re looking to study abroad in the USA research which cities will really suit you best. After the cities there’s the great scenery – the Rockies, the national parks, the forests, rivers and coastlines.

    Then there are all the man-made fun attractions too – Disney World and a plethora of other theme parks can be found from coast to coast. Language travel students are guaranteed some fun!

    Study Abroad in the USA and Enjoy Lots of Food & Friendly People!

    Study English in the USAThe USA has such a strong history of immigration that there are literally hundreds of different languages and different cultures to experience here. The first and most widely spoken language in the USA is English, making this a good location for an English foreign language school. The currency of the USA is the US Dollar.

    The Food in the USA

    If you study abroad in the USA you certainly won’t go hungry! The USA is renowned for its large portions and affordable places to eat. Fast food restaurants are abundant on every block in every city, and although some types of food are more popular in certain parts of the USA than others, you can be guaranteed of always finding a good mixture of different nationalities. Mexican, for example is very popular.

    The Weather in the USA

    Being such a large country the weather in the USA can vary greatly from one end to the other. If you want to study a foreign language course in a year-round hot climate choose somewhere in Florida. If you want to be able to ski in the winter you could choose Colorado. Or maybe you’d prefer somewhere which doesn’t have extremes of temperature – the east coast, maybe New York, or the west coast, perhaps San Francisco, would be good for you!

    The United States of America are a dream for you? Have a look at these English language schools in the USA.