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    Valencia – Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish

    City Guide

    The Spanish coastal city of Valencia is famous for many things, and popular with tourists from around the world, but it’s also a popular study abroad destination and has many great things to offer language travel students – including beaches, great weather, great paella, and a vibrant nightlife!

    Study Abroad in Valencia and Experience Both the Modern and the Historical!

    Study abroad Spanish in ValenciaValencia has so much to offer language travel students, and general leisure tourists. With its coastal location there are plenty of great beaches nearby, and the weather is fabulous here, but the city also has many interesting attractions too including historic and very modern, plus a lively nightlife!

    Where is Valencia?

    Valencia is in eastern Spain on the Mediterranean coast in an area called the Costa del Azahar. It is the capital of the province of Valencia, and with its city population of over 810,000 and metro population of nearly 1.6 million people it is the third largest city in Spain.

    So Much to See in Valencia!

    Valencia is quite famous for its architecture, and there are so many different types here. You can see the very old and the very new, all quite close to each other, so the city really appeals to many different tastes! Language travel students can enjoy the Barrio del Carmen, a popular area that features winding, narrow streets and a range of buildings which date as far back as Roman times.

    There are several Gothic style buildings such as the impressive Gothic cathedral, plus the basilica of the Virgin, and the UNESCO World Heritage Listed silk exchange. The city also has many newer buildings too, and is best known now for the City of Arts and Sciences, a large museum and entertainment complex.

    Enjoy the Culture and the Beaches When You Study Abroad in Valencia!

    Learn Spanish in ValenciaIn terms of culture, Valencia has much for the language travel student to experience and enjoy. The city is famous for its Las Fallas festival that occurs in March when there are many fireworks and other celebrations going on. In nearby Bunol you can also witness or take part in the annual tomato fight, La Tomatina!

    A Lively Nightlife in Valencia!

    Valencia is also famous for its nightlife, so when you attend a foreign language school in the city there’s always ample opportunity for an enjoyable night out! During the summer the beaches are also a good place to enjoy the nightlife, and there are always many places to enjoy a great meal of paella as after all, this dish was invented here.

    Great Beaches and Weather in Valencia!

    Talking of the beaches, being on the coast there are many excellent beaches that language travel students can enjoy when they study abroad in Valencia. Many beaches are within easy reach of the city just a little way along the coast. The climate is Mediterranean with hot and quite dry summers, and mild temperatures all year round.