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  1. Study abroad Washington

    Washington - Study Abroad in USA and Learn English

    City Guide

    Washington may be best known for the White House and national monuments but there’s much more to this city – a very vibrant nightlife, a large mix of cultures and cuisines and some great little neighbourhoods to explore or even live in. A perfect city to study abroad in!

    Study Abroad in Washington, the Capital of the United States!

    Study abroad WashingtonWashington D.C. is a very important city as it’s the capital of the United States. Best known for the White House, its many monuments and important museums, Washington actually has a lot more than this to offer too and is a great place to attend a foreign language school.

    Where is Washington?

    Washington is in the eastern USA, a little way inland from the Atlantic Ocean. Although many people know the city as Washington D.C. not many people know that the proper name for the area is just District of Columbia. The District of Columbia is what’s called a federal district and as such it’s distinct and individual from the 50 states of the USA. Because of its relatively small designated area, Washington D.C. is not a huge city and has a population of only about 590,000 people. This compact size makes this an attractive city for many language travel students.

    Washington – the White House, the Smithsonian and the National Mall

    Washington D.C. has many famous attractions which you can take in whilst on your foreign language course. The most obvious is the White House, home of President Obama, but many of the city’s attractions are situated on the National Mall. No, this isn’t a shopping centre! It’s a 2 mile long stretch of grass containing some of the USA’s most important monuments – the Reflecting Pool, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument which, by the way, has a great view from the top!

    There are also tons of museums including the world famous Smithsonian. Although not as frequented as the main attractions, some of Washington D.C.’s villages are really nice places to visit. Georgetown is one example.

    Experience a Mixed Culture When You Study Abroad in Washington!

    English immersion WashingtonYou might expect Washington D.C. to be full of American born business men and women, but the city is actually a long way from the stereotype! About 50% of the population arrived in Washington within the last 5 years and there are many immigrants from Central America. This means when you’re on your language immersion program you’ll run into people from all over the world! English is however the main language spoken here.

    Vibrant Nightlife & Great Cuisine in Washington

    Washington has some very lively neighbourhoods where you’ll find some great nightlife including live music, clubs, bars and restaurants. And with a large proportion of migrants from around the world, you can dine out in Washington and eat something different every night! Vietnamese, Chinese, Ethiopian and Italian are just some of the cuisines on offer, so there’s bound to be something to suit language travel students from around the world!

    Nice Warm Summers in Washington

    Washington has good weather which is hot and quite humid in the summer and cool in the winter. The summertime high temperatures average around 31C (88F) in July, so not too hot but warm enough! Spring and autumn temperatures are quite mild while winter gets a little cooler and snowfall is common.