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  1. Why study a language abroad ?

    Why study a language abroad?


    There are so many great reasons for choosing to study a language abroad. Here’s what we think are the best five: Immersion, seeing far away places, security and safety, making lots of friends and the opportunity for personal development.

    Why study abroadIf you’re only just starting to consider a language course abroad you’re going to have lots of questions, and you’ll probably be wondering what the benefits of studying abroad are.

    Let’s face it, there are many good reasons why you might wish to study abroad. Some reasons may be more meaningful for some students than others, but the common factor with all potential language students is the desire to learn a language!

    We’ve put our heads together and come up with what we consider to be ‘five good reasons to study a language abroad.

    Full Immersion – the best way to learn a language

    Full language immersionThis has to be the best reason by far! Think about this – when you’re trying to learn something, the best way for most people to learn is by repetition; learning to drive a car is a good example of this!

    Usually when you study at school you have lots of different subjects to think about and might only have one lesson a week, so although you might learn things in class, by the time you have the next lesson you’ve forgotten it again!

    Learning a language abroad is completely different though because you’re totally immersed. For one, you’re living in a country where a foreign language is being spoken by everyone around you. So, in order to get by you’ll need to learn that language pretty quickly because the chances are the locals won’t understand your language!

    As soon as you leave your class for the day you’re putting into practice what you learnt straight away. Secondly, because you’re at a language school all of your lessons will be in that language – this is total immersion and the best possible way to learn a language.

    Get to see far away places

    Study abroad is a great way to see a country and places that you might otherwise never get to see, and it’s a relatively cheap way of doing this too when you consider how long you might be staying abroad and the fact that your accommodation is subsidised – no huge hotel bills to pay!

    Security and safety

    Following on from above, when you go to a language school abroad you’re very well looked after. Months of planning go into welcoming you as a foreign language student so that everything goes smoothly once you arrive, and so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

    You wouldn’t usually be looked after like this if you were simply on holiday, so you see that learning a language abroad is generally a very safe way of experiencing a foreign country.

    Make lots of friends from all over the world

    You might choose a language school abroad where all your friends are going, or you might choose one where you don’t know anybody. The great thing is that everyone’s in the same boat as you and making friends becomes so much easier!

    Personal and professional development

    Why study abroad?

    Study abroad is an excellent way to develop yourself and your character – you’ll become more confident and independent, and it will also look great on your CV or resume when you start applying for jobs!

    Having thought about all of the above you’re ready to study abroad! For more tips and recommendations, have a look at the rest of our language travel guide to get the best of your study abroad experience.