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  1. Study abroad Japan

    Japan – Study Abroad in Japan for a Japanese Immersion

    Country Guide

    What better place to study Japanese abroad than Japan?! This amazing country has so much going for it that you’ll never get bored here. Cities like Tokyo are hugely popular, but Japan has some spectacular scenery to enjoy too, and some very good Japanese language schools as well.

    Study Abroad in Bustling Yet Beautiful Japan!

    Japan is the first and best choice for language travel students looking to study Japanese abroad. This country offers such great diversity – there’s a huge population here, yet attractions range from large areas of untouched beauty and mountains, to the busy streets of popular Tokyo and Japan’s other cities.

    Where is Japan?

    Japan is an island nation in East Asia, situated in the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of North and South Korea. Japan actually consists of over 3000 islands, though there are four main ones where the majority of tourists and language travel students would stay. Despite only being the 62nd largest country in the world, Japan has the 10th largest population with nearly 128 million people, and the Greater Tokyo Area is the largest metropolitan area in the world with over 30 million residents.

    Japan has Big Cities, Big Mountains, Ancient History, and More!

    Think of Japan and what springs to mind for many people if the capital and largest city, Tokyo. Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis and one of the most important financial centres of the world. It features skyscrapers and neon lights and has a very futuristic feel to it, yet there’s also a historic side to Tokyo too. Language travel students can take time out to explore the old temples, and interesting museums in-between Japanese courses.

    Three other popular cities in Japan are Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nara. Kyoto is a very beautiful city with ancient Buddhist temples and parks, and Nara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its important history. Mount Fuji is the iconic image of Japan, and is visible from Tokyo on a clear day! Language travel students can enjoy the national park that surrounds it.

    Never Get Bored if you Learn Japanese in Japan!

    The Japanese people are well known for being hard workers, but that doesn’t mean your foreign language course is going to be all work and no play! The Japanese may work hard, but they play hard too! In Japan’s cities, such as Tokyo, you’ll find there’s always something going on, and language travel students who like to sing will love studying abroad in Japan, because karaoke is the number one favourite pastime! Go learn Japanese in Tokyo and you’ll just have to sing along!

    Enjoy the Great Japanese Cuisine!

    Traditional Japanese cuisine is known for being healthy, and a number of dishes have become popular around the world now, most famously sushi. If you don’t fancy raw fish there are many other great dishes to try too. Of course in cities like Tokyo you’ll easily find a great variety of food, particularly common fast food restaurants.

    The Four Seasons in Japan

    Weather wise, Japan has four seasons, each one with benefits for language travel students considering a study abroad program. Spring is a lovely time to study abroad in Japan and it is famous for the beautiful cherry blossoms. The weather is warm and relatively dry. Summers start wet, and move on to become hot and humid, so fine if you like the heat! In Tokyo autumn is pleasant and warm, and winters are mild with occasional snowfall.