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  1. student travel insurance

    Do I need international student travel insurance?



    Like buying any other insurance, buying international student travel insurance is often an extra expense you could do without. You’ll no doubt be tempted not to bother with it and wander whether you do in fact need student travel insurance. Well, the answer is ‘YES’, you do need international student travel insurance! We’ll tell you why…




    Why you need international student travel insurance



    As with all other insurances you buy student travel insurance to cover you should anything go wrong. Insurance covers unforeseeable events though more often than not you’ll pay out for the insurance but not need to make a claim because everything went smoothly. While this is great news for you, it doesn’t mean that next time you shouldn’t bother buying any annual travel insurance just because last time everything was ok!


    Yes, it’s annoying having to pay out for student travel insurance when you have many other expenses to cover as well. We’re not trying to put you off enrolling on a foreign language course, but you need to realise there are risks involved in travel abroad just as there would be if you were a leisure tourist. Consider all the things which could happen to you while you’re studying abroad…



    Health Cover


    You may have a great level of health cover within your home country, but when you’re attending a foreign language school in a different country, you won’t be able to enjoy the same level of health cover. In some countries, such as the USA and Canada, health care can be very expensive so if you were to fall ill, or have an accident you could be faced with a very large bill to pay. If you have student travel insurance you know you will be covered and can concentrate on recovering rather than worrying about how much it will cost you!





    In the worst cases, you may need to go home to get the medical attention you require. In these circumstances travel arrangements will need to be made which are different to your original arrangements. Making changes to air tickets usually costs a lot of money, so student travel insurance should cover this.



    Lost Luggage


    Many student travel insurances will come with cover for lost luggage, or will offer this as an added extra option. It’s a good idea to take this because if your luggage does go missing you will have to spend a lot of money on new clothes and other items, and your insurance company will be able to give you something towards this.



    Lost or Stolen Valuables


    It’s not a nice thought but sometimes the worst can happen and you lose, or have stolen, your valuables. This may include your passport, money or credit cards, or items like a mobile phone, mp3 player or camera. Student travel insurance will usually give coverage for items like this.



    Shop Around for the Best Student Travel Insurance


    There are many companies who offer student travel insurance, and when there’s lots of competition it means you can shop around and get a great deal. Try to get at least 3 quotes for your student travel insurance, and make sure you compare the levels of coverage that they’re all offering you. Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest because if the level of cover isn’t very high this could be a false economy. Above all else make sure it is a reputable company.