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    Summer and Camp Programs

    Programs Guide


    Summer and camp programs are intended for children and young teenagers. These programs are usually great fun as they include lessons, activities, excursions and more, meaning you experience many different things within a short space of time.




    What are Summer and Camp Programs?



    The term ‘summer’ and ‘camp’ programs are used fairly interchangeably around the world, both meaning roughly the same thing when it comes to studying a foreign language abroad. Both summer and camp programs may be organised by a language school, or by another specialist organisation. For example, if you wish to attend a summer school in France or in Europe and search on the web for "French school France" or "Summer camp Europe", you'll find out that some programs can be booked directly with a language school or through a language travel agent.



    Camp Programs


    Usually if we’re talking about a camp program we would expect this to be residential, meaning you, and all your fellow language travel students, will be based on a campus or similar, where you will be accommodated, have your meals, lessons and activities all in one place.



    Summer Programs


    Summer programs may also be residential, or alternatively you might be staying with a host family and attending language courses and activities somewhere else.



    Who Usually Attends Summer and Camp Programs?



    Summer and camp programs are generally designed for children and younger teenagers. Students may be as young as seven or eight years old, though this is unusual. More commonly students on summer and camp programs are between the ages of twelve and sixteen years old.



    What Do Students Do on a Summer or Camp Program?



    The good thing with these summer and camp programs is that they are usually very varied, giving students the opportunity to participate in all manner of activities. Learning a foreign language is usually just one part of the whole experience. There will be many other activities such as sports, games, and social occasions, plus once or maybe more times a week you will go on excursions too. The excursions are usually very popular as it’s a chance to see more of the country you’re visiting.



    Where do you go on Excursions?


    Where you actually go on your summer or camp program excursions will obviously depend on which country, and which region you’re staying in. Taking England as an example, popular excursions might include a day trip to the capital city, London; going to a theme park, such as Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, or Chessington World of Adventures; visiting other cities like Portsmouth, Bath or Stratford Upon Avon; going to Stonehenge. These are just examples, exact itinerary’s will vary with the different language schools, so you may like to bear this in mind when choosing which language school to attend your summer or camp program with.





    What do Summer and Camp Programs Cost?



    Again this is something that will vary between the different language schools, and will depend on how much, or how little, is included in your summer or camp program. Usually you will pay a fully inclusive price which includes your accommodation, meals, and activities, and a certain number of excursions. Sometimes you can pay more to go on additional, optional excursions. When choosing the right language school for your summer or camp program make sure you compare exactly what is included for the price you’re paying.