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    How to Work Abroad and Study a Language?


    Language travel students generally have up to three options available if you want to study abroad and work at the same time. Working whilst you’re studying abroad can bring many benefits, so it’s worth considering studying abroad in a country where you will be allowed to work in some way. Read on to find out more about the options available to you for study and work abroad.

    What are the benefits of study and work abroad?

    There are numerous benefits to language travel in which you both study and work abroad. The main two benefits are that you may have the opportunity to make a little money (we say ‘may’ because some work will be voluntary and hence unpaid), plus it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and language of the country. This will in turn mean you’re more likely to learn the language quicker and more fluently.

    What are the options for work and study abroad?

    There are three main options available to language travel students who are considering studying abroad and working at the same time. Whether all three options are available to you will depend on where your home country is and where the country you’re planning to study abroad in is, as you’ll find out below…

    Study and Work Abroad in the EU

    If you’re an EU citizen and you’re planning to attend a language school within the EU you’re going to find it relatively easy to work at the same time as you’re studying.

    The reason for this is because the EU is one community with no boundaries, a citizen of one country is legally allowed to work in another without having to apply for work visas or other special permission. This makes study and work abroad very flexible for you because it means you can look for a part time job after you’ve arrived and had a chance to settle in at your language school.

    Study Abroad and Work as an Au Pair

    If you’re interested in working as an au pair whilst you study abroad there are two ways in which you could do this. Some language schools have au pair programs. This means you can apply to the language school to work as an au pair plus attend the school for several lessons a week to study your foreign language. The second option is to apply to work through a specialised au pair agency, and then arrange your study abroad program separately.

    Study and Work Abroad on an Internship

    The final option for study and work abroad is to apply for an internship program. Some foreign language schools will offer such programs, though how exactly they offer them can vary. One example may be to study an intensive language program for a couple of weeks, then go and work full time in pre-arranged employment. Another option is to work part time and study in your foreign language school part time.

    These internships may be paid or unpaid, so you need to decide what kind you want. If you feel you’ll want some extra money while you’re studying abroad, choose a paid program, but if you’re more interested in gaining the extra experience that will come from work-place immersion, a voluntary or unpaid program will be just as beneficial.